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Donald Trump is the man we all love to hate. He’s taken a knife to the whole legacy of the United States, seeming to rewrite and undo the American victory following World War II. He seems to be destroying America, and yet he repeats his quasi-fascistic goal of “making America great again.” I think he is on the path to actually achieving his stated goal.


Don’t get me wrong, the man is an imbecile. If he achieves anything, it is the result of stumbling (gracelessly) into something good, rather than any degree of policy acumen. However, in my opinion, the US needs this deconstruction. Note, I didn’t say destruction. However, as I previously noted, Europe needs to be strong, for the US to renovate their house and discover who they want to be in the 21st century without the strain of holding up the whole world. I just got the order wrong: the US tearing down itself caused Europe to come together.


Beyond defence cooperation, Trump’s attack on the West caused people across the liberal world to wake up. I wrote an article on this originally before the Dutch election. I never posted it. I floated the idea before the French election and then again more recently, but I didn’t make my thoughts public. If you get in before, it’s sublime. If you get it in afterwards, it’s obvious: obvious is crass and crude.


Trump may seem like the non-sapient puppet he is, but good can be found in the bad too. Construction arises out of the embers of destruction. Constantinople had to fall for the seeds of the Renaissance to take root. There is a vandal sacking the Roman empire, let’s take the opportunity to build a new city on the hill. Let’s learn from our mistakes and do it better than it was yesterday.


We can only work with the reality we have, not the reality we wish we had.

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